Bruges Pancakes

Looking for a strong brand that adds value and has a stable history but also has a prosperous future ahead?
Today, the Bruges Pancake, the product from which it all started for Yummy Bakery, is being exported to numerous countries and promotes our authentic image of the tradional artisan pancake.

With the Bruges pancake you can't go wrong. We offer marketing support, so your clients will be seduced in choosing a trustworthy brand and a wonderfull tasty product.

Private label

For many retailers in the food industry, all over the world, we prepare a unique product that can be sold under a private label or your house brand. You need new ideas to offer you clients something special, or you simply want to expand or upgrade your assortment?
Do not hesitate to talk to us about the possibilities of private label production and discover the many opportunities of Yummy Bakery. Together we can build a strong partnership and creat a win-win situation.


We can offer you a wide range of packaging methods and deliver the pancakes in foil or in bulk in any number you like.
Also you can choose between fresh or deep frozen delivery.